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Fuel is essential to our way of life. But the resources available to humanity are decreasing daily. We are constantly searching for additional sources of energy, not only to offset the depletion of our oil reserves, but furthermore because of the rapidly increasing cost of oil due to high demand. Due to the impact of greenhouse gases on global warming and pollution, the world is continuously seeking alternative, clean, reliable and green energy solutions such as ethanol additives and wind, thermal, and solar energy. Although advantageous in reducing our dependence on oil, the production of ethanol from corn and wheat has its downsides. The ability to produce ethanol is limited by the availability of natural resources – agricultural land and water – to produce the necessary crops. Available land is decreasing due to desertification and the impact of other human activities. In some areas, the availability of water is decreasing with changes in weather patterns. This causes the global market price for these crops to increase due to demand.

Moreover, crops like corn and wheat are more essential for human and animal consumption than they are for energy production. Food is critically needed in third world countries especially. Time magazine reported that "the grain it takes to fill an SUV tank with ethanol could feed a person for a year". (Grunwald, April 2008, p. 30) Our goal is to provide food for every mouth, not for every car. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reported that the number of people below the poverty line increased in 2008 to over 200 million. This is a problem that affects all of humanity: either we save it or destroy it. Our proposed solution is to change our ways from using raw materials in the food chain for energy, and help to save our planet.

Working towards this objective, Agrinol Inc. has invested in R&D of clean energy such as the use of solar and wind energy, as well as ethanol and fuel additives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and green house gases, all the while seeking alternatives to using food products for energy. Agrinol Inc. is dedicated to build an ethanol production plant which will use raw materials other than those which are needed for food. Agrinol Inc. proposes to produce, in one plant, patented carbon capture liquid solutions and devices for vehicles, as well as ethanol fuel, animal feed, fertilizers, and other products for the market.