Our Mission

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As global warming and carbon dioxide emissions become an increasingly greater concern for our planet, Agrinol Inc. is working hard to create and offer clean energy solutions -- wind energy, solar energy, ethanol production and new fuel additives. At Agrinol Inc., we are developing ways to reduce the emission of CO2 and the spread of other pollutants through our R&D efforts. The world is at a critical stage of climate change and global warming, and a collective effort is required to ensure a cleaner environment for future generations.

Our Goal

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Overall, we seek to:

This applies to all sectors of our society.  Governments need to encourage energy efficiency and provide incentives for conservation.  While the private sector clearly needs to do its part, positive encouragement will help us to achieve a better world. 

Our goal at Agrinol Inc. is to:

For the population For the environment
  • On the personal level, help individuals and families save money and stay healthy;
  • On the national level, help the government to reduce the amount of carbon released to the atmosphere and the level of proliferation of toxic gases, all of which cause serious health issues and have a devastating impact on the our climate;
  • On the international level, help to avoid the conditions which cause disasters such as floods, desertification and widespread environmental pollution.
  • Impressive growth in wind and solar power;
  • Steady increases in public spending on energy R&D;
  • Stronger incentive and more stringent requirements for energy efficiency.