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Fuel Savings:

By using "Infernofuel" additive -- one 25 ml bottle added to 240 liters of gasoline -- you can save 10-30% of fuel or 24-72 liters, or an average of about 50 liters of gasoline. 
When you add one bottle to 400 liters of diesel, you can save 10-30% of fuel equal 48-80 liters, or an average about 80 liters of diesel.

How to use it:

Add a suitable amount of fuel additive into your car gas tank and add the fuel:

And it is suitable for all types of engines using gasoline, diesel or any biofuel:

The first photo below shows the product as it comes in 3 different sizes (from left to right): twelve 25 mL bottles in one box, a 1 L tank and a 0.5 L tank.

The second photo below show a 25 mL bottle of the twelve bottles in the box.

Why Use Infernofuel:

Using infernofuel rather than other fuel additives such as ethanol.

1. Infernofuel saves you 30% on gasoline or diesel, this means it is double the benefits to the consumer and to the environment.

2. Infernofuel let's your vehicle engine get more miles per gallon, your vehicle is getting more millage and saving you money. This is the opposite of what ethanol currently does.

3. Infernofuel is made from small amounts of natural oil, so there is no worry of a human food crisis.

Military testings for Infernofuel, visit website at:

How to Buy It

To order please contact Agrinol Inc., which is the exclusive provider of Infernofuel for Canada and the Middle East .

By phone: +1 613-276-6641
By E-mail:info@agrinolinc.com


Combusto Coal is a clear green liquid catalyst. It is a combination between organic and non-organic substances. After  dosing into coal, it helps to promote complete combustion of coal in a burning chamber. This can produce more energy for the same amount fuel, therefore it can reduce total consumption of coal  and also reduces emission of toxic gases.(GHG)

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To order retail or wholesale please contact Agrinol Inc.:
By phone: +1 613-276-6641
By E-mail:info@agrinolinc.com