Our Technology

Agrinol Inc. is working hard in R&D on manufacturing the patent new technology of gas filtering and carbon dioxide capture.

How Infernofuel additive works:

In a typical engine when fuel is burned, it generates vibration and creates static electricity. The static electricity causes the fuel molecules to group together into clusters. When this larger group of molecules combines with oxygen, some of the fuel especially that associated with the inner molecules, does not have a chance to burn properly and is released as waste.

With our Agrinol fuel additive, we eliminate the static electricity to reduce this clustering effect and promote more complete burning. The result is a more efficient engine with less wasted fuel.

Theoretically, a complete combustion formula can written as follows:

Fuel + O2arrow CO2 + H2O

In practice, a fuel molecule is never completely burned, as shown below:

Fuel + O2arrow CO2 + H2O + Fuel remaining + O2 remaining

This because the static electricity occurrs from vibration and induces fuel molecules to form a large fuel cluster.

The following diagram further explains the process in detail:

Benzene molecules diagram

The benefits of our fuel additive are:

  1. Higher efficiency -- fuel savings of up to 30% with improved mileage.
  2. More complete combustion.
  3. No heavy metal pollution or negative side effects.
  4. Reduction of GHG (Green House Gas) emissions and smog emissions.
  5. Reduced engine vibration.

Your gasoline or diesel vehicle engine can save up to 30% of fuel, depending on the car model, age, maintenance, operating conditions, lubrication, and driver habits. All you need to do is pour the fuel additive into your gas tank before each fill-up. Even in the most adverse conditions a minimum fuel economy of 10% saving is possible with a properly-maintained vehicle. The product is harmless to all engines, and will not affect any internal components or the fuel system. It is blended with a palm or soya bean oil base under strict lab environmental controls. Furthermore, our product is formally registered with the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) in the United States, which confirms that it is environmentally friendly. It is also consistent with International Chemical Abstract Services (CAS) standards which show that there are no harmful substances in it.

There are almost ZERO emissions for carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, and a dramatic reduction in all sulphur byproducts (sulphur oxide, sulphur dioxide, and sulphur trioxide). These five green houses gases are strictly regulated by law? in many states.

The additive is also effective with biodiesel fuel, as demonstrated by experimentation in California over the past two years, and with bioethanol fuel. Moreover, it extends the shelf life of biodiesel from two to four weeks.